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We are constantly looking for organizations and individuals to get involved with the "Stow It-Don't Throw It" project and partner with our efforts. Currently you or your group can get involved through any or all of the following ways:

1. Make a monetary donation. Your donation of just $1 or more will provide materials for participants in the “Stow It-Don’t Throw It” Project to assemble fishing line recycling bins and educate anglers on the importance of recycling fishing line. Donations also support the outreach efforts carried out by the "Stow It-Don't Throw It" Project as we work to provide young people around the world with the knowledge and resources necessary to launch their own ocean conservation projects through our Youth Ocean Conservation Summit program.    

Please view the below video and consider making a donation today! 

                                photo donatebutton.gif


Help collect empty tennis ball containers with lids  to turn into fishing line recycling bins.
3. Provide a location or event to distribute the monofilament fishing line recycling bins.

4. Donate your time to help assemble the personal-sized monofilament recycling bins.

5. Become involved in our Youth Ocean Conservation Summit. Students of all ages can participate in our annual Youth Ocean Conservation Summit where they can work with their peers, as well as scientists and conservationists, to launch their own ocean conservation projects. They will also have the chance to take part in workshops and trainings designed to give them the knowledge and skills needed to help make their projects successful. 

6. Join the Youth Ocean Conservation Team. Join our network of youth and adults form around the world committed to protecting our planet's marine ecosystems!
Together we can help protect marine wildlife! If you would like to get involved in the project send us an e-mail at

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